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Increase sales

Your eCommerce doesn’t sell and you don’t know what to do?

At Social Mirror we are specialists in digital marketing and we can help you increase your sales.

Increase sales

Our experience in more than 200 projects – and two eCommerce of our own – allows us to know what works and what does not in order to increase sales of your online business.


From capturing quality traffic to the optimization of the shopping cart, through loyalty and marketing automation techniques, in Social Mirror we will optimize your eCommerce so that you increase your sales and so you can grow in a sustainable way over time.

The Conversion Rate Optimitzation can generate a sales increase in your eCommerce thanks to the improvement of the user experience, the shopping cart and the application of “best practices” so that you obtain a greater benefit of the web traffic you are capturing.

Conversion rate optimization

Improve the user experience (UX) of your online store to get over purchase barriers and get more sales.

Customized recommendations

Customize the product catalog of your eCommerce according to the interests of the user, his/her purchase history or his/her navigation route.

Recovery of abandoned carts

End with the interrupted purchase processes, both for registered users and unregistered visitors, in order to don’t lose any sales.

Marketing automation

Take advantage of content automation by email to communicate in a customized way and get the higher conversion rate in your store.

Loyalty and ambassadors

Reward your VIP clients and convert them into ambassadors of your brand, thus ensuring recurrence and new sales in your eCommerce.

KPIs and analytics focused on results

Make decisions with reliable information and monetize the actions according to whether they bring you more sales or a greater profit margin.

If your online store does not sell, if your conversion rate is below the average ratio of your sector or if you have detected problems of user experience that make it difficult to achieve sales, we can help you get more sales.

It’s time to increase sales in your eCommerce

Contact us without any commitment and get results on internet!