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Business consulting

¿Do you want to sell online and don’t know how to start?

If your online business is not giving results, at Social Mirror we can help you achieve your goals.

Business consulting

We are a digital marketing agency with two eCommerce of our own. We have gone through the whole process of creating an online business from the beginning, so we know what worries you and how to solve it.

We want you to achieve your goals on internet and we know how to overcome the challenges of this complex business, that’s why our business consultancy advises you from the legal to the selection of suppliers, going through all the phases of development of an online business (from the idea until consolidation).

Don’t begin the adventure of selling online without knowing everything about this complex business. A strategic consultancy will help you make the right decisions at the right time.

Idea validation

You can validate if your idea has a fit in the market and if your business is well focused to give benefits in 1 year, so you will minimize risk both economically and in terms of time.


You will have a branding strategy as well as the key actions to implement to get visits, sales and a loyal community of users around your brand.


Lean on the best available technology to grow your business in an unlimited and progressive way, always using it as a lever and never as a barrier.

Analytics and KPI

You will have a dashboard with the key performance indicators of your business to identify customer leaks and improve the sales funnel process.


You will differentiate yourself from the competition and you will know the profit margin of your products according to your operating and structure costs.


You can choose which is the best day-to-day operation model according to your business and minimize its impact on your income statement.


Select the key suppliers for your business according to the services, values and cost most convenient for your daily operations.


You will know the legal requirements to sell online in your sector and you will be able to comply with the strict regulation of personal data protection.

If you are thinking in launching an online store, if you already have an eCommerce and want to get more benefits or if you are considering changing some aspect of the core of your online business, you can count on us!

Contact us and explain us your project!

It would be great to share the journey with you!

We have a deep experiencie in launching and operating online stores and we put it at your service so that you can succeed on internet. Our two eCommerce are good proof of that.